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Return Policy

Return Conditions

  1. Returning product is available when
  • Package bag damage that is caused by the seller
  • Wrong product delivered that is caused by the seller
  • Rancid or moldy
  • Product already expired when the product arrived at customer
  • Foreign object found in the product e.g. a piece of paper
  1. To return product, manufacturing and expiry date sticker must still be clearly placed on the package. The returned product must remain at least 1/3 of product life. For example, if the product has 3-month shelf life, the product could be returned within 1 month from the purchasing date.
  2. Returned product must be purchased from bakeryhills.com or LINE Official methods only. If customer bought from Lazada, the return must be made via Lazada system only.

Remarks: Bakery Hills reserves the right, not to allow customer who order wrong product or packing size to return products, due to sanitary reason and the spreading of COVID-19.

Product return procedure:

  1. When:
    1. Product packaging damaged or product quality problem – Temporary fix the package using duct tape, or change to another container that adequately protect the product, then deliver back to Bakery Hills.
    2. Wrong Product delivered – Repack the product and deliver back to Bakery Hills.
  2. When we receive the product, we will examine within 2 working days.
  3. After examination, we will contact back to customer for discussion of further solution.

Exchange and Refund

After product return is complete, if the solution is agreed on both sides to return product or refund money, the customer will be received exchanged product within 15 working days, or refund through bank transfer within 15 working days


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